Mop Up Time

It’s “mop up” time today as South Canterbury and Timaru residents recover from yesterday’s storms and flooding. Water has receded from the roads and the rivers and streams have dropped. There are signs of damage; roofing iron off, trees down, signs bent, but those evacuated should be able to return home today to survey the damage.

Opihi River Videos

A brief video glimpse of the swollen Opihi River at the Raincliff Bridge (Video 1) Rockwood bridge (Video 2) and Raincliff Bridge (Video 3), at the height of today’s rainfall, looking from the bridge East towards the junction with the Raincliff Creek and Opuha River.


Flooding Danger

Persistent heavy rain has swollen creeks and rivers in Timaru and outlying areas. State Highway 1 traffic was diverted away from the Showgrounds Service Station which was awash and drivers experienced big delays as the crawled in single file  heading North. Roads were awash and rivers bank to bank in the Totara Valley Raincliff area. These images were taken around 5 pm.